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Domain Names

Domain names are 21st century real estate in an economy where more business moves online.


The Internet is not a place to expect privacy. Webservers log your every move.

Climate Research

We specialize in monitoring systems for climate and meteorological observations from aircraft and ground stations.

Artificial Intelligence

Executive summary of issues that arise with AI usage and the benefits, dangers and ethics of AI.


With over 30 years experience in Linux systems, we provide remote support services to clients worldwide.

Web Hosting

For select clients we provide managed web hosting or virtual hosts.

Client Websites

Simplify your website needs with our managed hosting service. Just send us the content, text and images, and we put it into our content management system for you. Easy. Our web monkeys specialise in health, fitness and watersports media.

VitaminBiz Lifestyle Blog

Imagine yourself at your absolute best, nourished, healthier, raring to go and earn extra income.

What would that be worth for you?

Healthy Online Shop

You have a better chance of achieving your goals with the right nutrition, a relationship with your Herbalife Independent Distributor, and being part of a community.

Free Lifesaving

The Free Lifesaving Society publishes free survival swimming and lifesaving training materials to teams worldwide, especially in developing countries where they are needed most.

Wacky Watersports

A wet and wacky look at many water sports you can enjoy nearby or on holiday, with the best ways to enjoy a good soaking.

Newquay Surf City

Newquay, Cornwall, is renowned for its vibrant surfing scene and home to some of the best beaches in Europe.

This domain is for sale

Swimwear Guide

Can you tell your jammers from your briefs, leggings, swim shirts, stingersuits, and diveskins? We hope to clarify this a bit.

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